Friday, February 24, 2012

This is such a great story which depicted the wedding procedure in a humour yet realistic way. It is well said in the movie that marriage is not only two people's business, but both parties' family. When a relationship is not accepted by either one of the family of the couple, it must be a great obstacle for this couple to be together. No matter how they love each other, no matter how real is their love, things will just not turn out fine in the end. It is either the couple suffer a lot to ensure their family will accept this relationship or they choose to end this relation.

Besides depicting the wedding procedure, this movie also tells the audience that sometimes things that we see might not the the whole thing. Many things hidden behind and if we didn't discover it carefully, we will not see the truth till the end of our life. This might bring towards regret at the end. Thus, do not see things as it is, but do investigate and find out if there is anything hidden. Have no regret in life and appreciate everyone around us.

Wedding, it might be a great and grand thing in life yet it might be another nightmare for someone if it is not handle with care. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reflection on my teaching practice

I have ended my teaching practice on 21 October 2011. This is my reflection on my teaching...
Passion towards teaching hard to maintain yet it plants in inner heart.

            After three months of teaching life in S.M.K. Bandar Utama Damansara 3, my passion towards teaching went ups and downs for several times. The passion moved down or decreased when my students did not listen to me or uttered and gave negative response during lesson. The passion moved up and increased when my supervisor, Datin Sivamani or my mentor, Pn. Rozita gave me positive comments and encouragements. However, towards the end of this teaching practice, I am sure that my passion towards teaching is still in me. I will continue to walk on this path, the route to guide younger generation in both academic and mentally.

Schools, Administration and Teachers
            I was lucky enough to be elected to teach in S.M.K. Bandar Utama Damansara 3 as this is one of the elite schools in Petaling Jaya area. The school system is undeniably well-organized from top to bottom. Once I stepped into this school, I was brought away by the well-planned and beautiful school compound which consisted of pond, Japanese garden, proverbs and sayings on the wall as well as beautiful mural are all around the school. The field is extremely big and the classrooms are well-equipped with infrastructures. Teachers here are nice and friendly. They always help us in anything which we do not understand or do not know. It was definitely a great experience to work together with them. The headmaster and all senior assistants were great and taught me a lot of things too. I appreciated their kindness which assisted me throughout this teaching practice. My mentor, Pn. Rozita is great too. She guided me with great passion and helped me to overcome a lot of obstacles and problems during this period. I am really glad to have her to guide me to go through this tough time in this school.

Planning and teaching not as ideal as we did in Stimulated Teaching

            I taught as a temporary teacher before I entered university to further my study and I knew well the condition in school. Therefore, I was well-prepared for the challenges and obstacles. However, it was harder than what I imagined. The first week of teaching was full of mistakes and obstacles, my passion and confidence towards teaching drops drastically during the first week. I used my weekend to think how to improve and how to ensure my students have a great and happy English lesson. Things started to go well starting from the second week. I started to understand that students need more time to complete a task. If we think that they need 10 minutes to complete a task, in fact, they need 20 minutes to finish it. Therefore, I started to know how to allocate my time wisely without wasting any minutes and yet students managed to participate in the activity happily. I truly wish that my students learn something for these three months. I really hope so.

Students – Naughty yet Adorable

            Form 1 Mawar and 1 Ixora are the classes that I was teaching for these three months. I am glad to have these two classes as they are the top classes where students have great academic achievement. They could speak English very fluently and they understand English very well. I was quite stress at first when I got these two classes as I do not have a good command of English. However, the cuteness of these children helped me to improve myself and finish my teaching practice. They always cooperate with me and work with me in every lesson. No matter how, they are still the best students I ever have. Thanks to these naughty yet adorable monkeys. I love them. I guess I will miss them badly after finishing this teaching practice.

The education system

            During this teaching practice, I was quite upset with the education system we have. I have two students who are very creative and they have great writing skill. I enjoyed reading their essay every time they handed in their essay. However, they were too creative until the education system could not accept it and according to my mentor, their essay were out of topic and could not score in examination. I was very surprise. I thought they deserved higher marks than what she suggested me to give. This is our education system which was fixed years ago and I know that I cannot do anything except following it. I really hope that one day I could do something to make a change in order to help these younger generations.

The Fruitful Ending

            After three months of teaching practice, I am happy and glad that I went through all these ups and downs happily and successfully. I learned a lot throughout this process where I gained a lot of useful and great experience during this period. I would like to express my greatest appreciation to my supervisor, Datin Sivamani, my mentor, Pn.Rozita, S.M.K.Bandar Utama Damansara 3, my students, my parents who supported me financially and mentally as well as my friends. I believe I will bring forward this passion until my real teaching life after I graduate on October next year.

Friday, July 29, 2011

~First week of teaching practice~

This is the first week I teach in S.M.K. Bandar Utama 3. I did not start any teaching this week as our mentors arranged us to familiarize ourselves with the environment here as well as to observe how the other teacher have their class control done. So, this week was just observation and relief classes. We were quite free compare to other teachers. I was so lucky to get in this school as the teachers here were all very kind and helpful. They help us a lot to adapt ourselves here. Next lucky things I have would be my timetable arrangement. I was assigned to teach Form 1 English. These two classes were good classes where students' English proficiency were very high. Some of them speak more fluent English than me. They are smart and talkative as well as hyper active. I hope I could conquer these group of monkeys.

I am going to start my teaching this coming Monday. All the best to myself. I can do it ^^
I won't give up to dedicate my time to educate my students. I have the passion and I can do it ^^

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Childhood Reminisce Part 2

Today, as I woke up, I saw a piece of paper on the floor in front of my door. I stepped forward and took up the paper then wore my spectacles and read the paper clearly. It was a drawing from my little Xiao Yao. I was touched and I almost cried when I saw the picture. There was a big house and the house was very colourful and big. On the right hand side of the house there was a big tree which was a little bit shorter than the house. Then, there were two girls, one tall and one short on the left hand side of the house. It was just nice and the best part would be the words writing on top of the paper, which was " Xiao Yao Love Biao Jie". So warmth.
This is the picture my dearest cousin sister drew and gave me this nice and warmth.

We then went to Sunway Pyramid as my uncle had to do some shopping. This little girl laughed happily and brought along her Mr. Nemo into the car. She said she wanted to bring Mr.Nemo to Sunway Pyramid. So cute..haha
 Here come the little Mr.Nemo with Xiao Yao. She insisted to fasten seat belt for Mr.Nemo. Pity little Nemo.

She is asking little Nemo to say Cheese while I snap picture. Haha...

 Picture taken in the car on the way to Sunway Pyramid.

Hey..I am fat in this picture..haha...that's why she looked at me?

When we reached Sunway Pyramid, my uncle asked her to leave Mr.Nemo in the car so that she would not drop it in the shopping mall. She asked Mr.Nemo to sleep in the car and reminded Mr.Nemo that when she come back from shopping, she will say "rise and shine" then Mr.Nemo has to wake up. That's the funny part. Haha...Once she stepped down the car, she jumped happily and holding her Papa's hand excitedly.
 The greatest relationship of father and daughter. Look at her, how happy she is...

Here we go, to the Popular Bookstore, we are going to buy some books. This is the happiest moment for her.

In the Popular, I was looking at some new books and reading in the readers' corner. While my Uncle and Xiao Yao went to the junior session to read some junior's reference. She was reading happily with her daddy in that corner.
She read books happily with Papa in the junior corner. She always asked why this, why that, what is this, what is that...haha..only my uncle managed to answer all her questions.

Later on, we went to the Ipad shop as my uncle wanted to buy an i-Pad 2 for working purpose. This little Xiao Yao looked at those children playing happily with the demonstrated i-Pad  on the counter.When I looked at those children in the shop, they are just talented and professional in playing i-Pad2. I don't even know how to switch on i-Pad 2, it is such a joke, isn't it?
See how talented is the little boy, Xiao Yao is waiting for her turn to play. Unfortunately, she did not have the chance to touch the i-Pad at all.

Then, we went to a very nice restaurant to have our lunch. It was great and tasty. 

 This is the shop we went to. Noodle there quite nice. Can have a try next time.

The decoration of the restaurant. Very oriental. It was nice and comfortable.

Finally, we were back in home. I drove back to PJ once we reached home. I was so reluctant to come back. How I wish I could stay longer with them yet this is impossible. I will pay a visit to my uncle's house and play with Xiao Yao again in no time. Miss her so much. Oh ya, I had learned a new instrument from my little cousin during this visit. I introduce it to you now.
This is the small guitar named Ukulele. Really small, meant for little children I guess..

Childhood Reminisce

           I am staying in my uncle's house now. Just to have a weekend here and stay in touch with my little cousin, Xiao Yao. She has grown up a lot after I have not seen her for more than two months. She is still so skinny but grew taller now. One thing which surprises me is she could speak some Chinese sentences now and her English has been improved a lot, it is even better than my English. Her English proficiency is higher than a primary school student even though she is just 4 years old. As usual, she loves to sing song, play games, run here and there and love to play with me. She told me a long long story just now where she started to act as she was one of the characters in the story. Her story was interesting and is better than the story I can write or tell. Really proud of her!
 Xiao Yao still loves to watch television programme so much. She is watching her favourite,<Jake, The Never Land Pirate

The Monkey Xiao Yao with her Monkey pose.

The happiest part of this visit would be I have found back my childhood as I stayed together with my uncle and Xiao Yao. When we went to the playground opposite my uncle's house and play in the evening, Xiao Yao was just like me when I was 4 years old. I was an energetic girl and I love to go to playground. I went to the playground with her earlier than my uncle as he had to water the plants in his garden. Xiao Yao taught me how to cross the road when I hold her hand and walking towards the playground. She said " We must look to the left and look to the right before we cross the road" See...How smart she is? Right after we reached the playground, she ran fast towards the see-saw and ordered me to sit at one side and she sat on the other side. She laughed happily when I played with her. Then, she asked me to swing her. I was not brave enough to swing her too high. Nothing much, I was worrying her and scared that she might be falling down if I swing too high. But, she was not happy with that and she told me, "Papa can swing higher. Lets go to other place and play"'s kind of disappointed.  Right after this, here come my dearest uncle and the happiest moment of  Xiao Yao. She finally has the chance to swing high in the sky.
Xiao Yao's smile finally shown on her pretty and cute face.
 "Papa, swing higher, I want to be the highest" 

Then, my uncle taught her to play "basketball" . This basketball was not the real basket ball, but threw some dried sticks on the ground towards the basketball frame hung on the tree. She looked happy even though she did not manage to throw even one stick successfully. She laughed happily each time she saw my uncle managed to throw the stick into the frame. That is the relationship of father and daughter. I started to see my childhood when I watched this moment of my uncle and Xiao Yao. I started to miss my father as well. He used to play with me when I was young as I was the only daughter that time. My brother was only born when I was four. So, before that, I was the princess for my family. I used to sit on my father's shoulder, just like what Xiao Yao did today. I miss every moment with my father...
 This is the basketball frame I mentioned above.

She was clapping and smiling happily when her father a.k.a my uncle managed to throw the dried stick into the frame.
 She collected more dried sticks for her father to throw..

 The Monkey Girl is climbing up here and there.
 She loves to swing and jump down from there...
 See, how happy she is...\

In the night, we went to have our dinner in a new restaurant near with my uncle's house. It was nice but a little bit spicy. The choosy girl did not eat much as there was not much of her favourite food such as crispy food and egg. Though my uncle had ordered a very special egg for her, she did not like it. She just ate rice and drank tea. Then, she started to sing some songs. I managed to record down two of them. Let's enjoy them.
 This girl is sleepy yet wanted to play with me.
 The first song she sang. So cute and adorable.
 This is the second song. Enjoy!

I am going back to my house in PJ tomorrow and I might be only seeing my dearest cousin sister after few weeks. I am sure I am going to miss her very much. I love you, Xiao Yao!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I just love this song so much. The lyrics is just nice and great. It depicted the current social issue well. Many people are fighting against each other just to see who is the best. Starting from a little place named school to the bigger place named society. Everyone is trying to compete with each other. Why shall we compete? Is there anything great coming up next after we win the competition? Yes, it has. A slight moment of happiness and feeling proud. After that, what next? Nothing. We still have to work hard and earn our living, we still have to continue with our life and at last, we still have to face the reality of this truly world which is death. Is there anyone who win in the competition and can run away from this truth? So far I met no one. Therefore, why shall we compete? Why shall we make our children to compete with others? It's the greatest stress to them. They live their life just to finish the competition set by parents and community. It's useless for me. Really useless.
I have made a little wish, not to compete my children, my students and even myself with others. Can I do it? I believe I can by trying my very best. Not to compete but know my strength and work on it is the best thing i can do now. How about you?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mr.Khoo, the walking Chemistry encyclopedia's retirement.

Today, 30 June, 2011, a very special day. Why is it so special? Hmm...let's have a quick guess. My birthday? Nah..It’s too early. My birthday is on 7 August. hehe..Just to remind some people who might forget. Haha...Well, back to the main point. Why this day so special? Hmm…I mentioned it in my title of this blog. Bingo! It’s our beloved Chemistry teacher, Mr.Khoo’s retirement.

Mr. Khoo is the best Chemistry teacher I ever meet in my life. Can you imagine any teacher going into class without any reference book but only with a piece of marker pen and a duster and started to write out all the notes and teach non-stop until the end of the class? Yes, there is one here. Our beloved Mr.Khoo Tian Chai. He is really great in teaching. We always called him “Tin Choi Gor”. He is really brilliant like Thomas Edison. I was under his guidance since I was in Form 4 until I finished my secondary study. When I first went to his tuition class, I was amazed with his great joking talent. I have never thought of a Chemistry teacher can be so funny and joke a lot. May be most of my science teachers were just too boring for me. Mr. Khoo is their opposite. He joked a lot during classes yet managed to finish the entire syllabus on time and taught us a lot of extra knowledge. The most incredible thing is he had memorized everything in his mind, from Form 4 to upper sixth. His little head can enter so many things. I used to throw away what I have learned once I finish each exam and take them back when I need them. But he never forgets even one little detail of our syllabus. You can always ask him anything about Chemistry whenever you like and where ever you meet him. He can just answer you without referring to anything. That is why we named him as walking encyclopedia. Haha…

Not only good in Chemistry, Mr.Khoo is also the best husband and father for his family. He loves his wife so much. They were just too lovely and everyone will envy when looking at them. He has never failed to accompany his wife to the market during weekend morning. I still remember the funniest conversation between Mr.Khoo and me when we met in the market one morning. “Sir, where is your girlfriend?” “I am not so sure too. But I will stand here and she knows where to find me.” This is how he answered me and we continued, “Sir, your hair become darker now, you look so young lah…” “Haha…I just drowned in the drain few days ago. My girlfriend pushed me in. She asked me to dye my hair so that I look younger. I don’t want to dye it black, yet she forced me.” See, how lovely this old couple is. Haha… Even though he said he did not want to dye his hair, he did it just to make sure his girlfriend has a handsome and young boyfriend. Haha… They are just too cute and lovely I shall say. How I hope I can find my own partner and have such life in the future. I mentioned earlier, he is a great father to his two sons and daughter as well. Yes, he is definitely a great father to them. You can see that he worked very hard by giving tuition and teaching in school just to support his family and for his children education fees. Luckily, both his sons graduated with flying colour and have great carrier. I guess that’s what Mr.Khoo wish to see and what he wants his sons to have now would be a stable carrier and form their own family. Am I right? Mr.Khoo? haha… His daughter is great as well though she is a little bit shy. She is my sister’s friend and I did talk to her before. She is just too shy to communicate. However, she is good in her study. No worry Mr.Khoo, she will be as talkative as me one day if you send her to my “training centre”. Haha…

After serving in S.M.K.Horley Methodist for twenty-two years since year 1989, today is his grand retirement. I knew it earlier and planned to go for it. I have tried to gather my classmates so that we can go to his retirement together, but I failed to gather all and not even to get a present from our class to Mr.Khoo. Sorry Mr.Khoo, I am not a good monitor though. Today, I managed to get three of my classmates, Jenq Horng, Ching Yin and Kah Yee to accompany me to this grand ceremony. Some of my friends, such as Sin Yee, Peck Geok and Lay Ying were eagerly wanted to attend yet they were busy with internship and interview for their future carrier. So, they just asked me to buy a present on behalf of them and send to Mr.Khoo and I bought a fruit basket as the present. I wrapped it myself. This is the first ever time I wrap a hamper basket. Hmm..Hope it was not too bad. Jenq Horng, Kah Yee, Ching Yin and I reached Horley at around 9.45a.m. We managed to catch up with Mr.Khoo and Mr.Wong before they have to go and prepare for the ceremony later on in the staff room. Mr. Khoo was so happy and excited but Mr.Wong seems like quite sad. May be it is because after today, there will less one people to chit chat with him and blow water with him in the staff room. My brother told me that Mr. Wong almost cried. Hmm…sir, don’t feel so sad. I believe that you still can call Mr.Khoo out and dine together then can continue to blow water lo. Haha… Mr.Khoo said that Mr.Yeang was just too kind by lending his Mercedez and decorated it like a bridal car then came to his house this morning and brought him to Horley. Mr.Khoo said he was surprised when he was a so called bridal car in front of his house. He felt like he is the bridegroom today. Haha…it’s true, sir, today you really looked great, just like a bridegroom.

The four representatives from 7B1 2007

Picture taken with Mr.Khoo and his GF.

I am glad that I managed to attend to Mr.Khoo’s retirement. Today only I knew that I was following his footsteps. Why do I say so? Mr.Khoo started off his primary education in S.J.K.(C) San Min and continued his secondary education in S.M.J.K. San Min then later on had his form sixth in S.M.K. Horley Methodist which provided him the chance to go into tertiary education in Universiti of Malaya. It’s exactly the same as mine. Haha… Today we also managed to see his handsome photo which he took when he was 29. Oh My Buddha, he was so handsome that time. Sorry sir, it is the truth. Haha…
My brother, Kai Quan, as the students’ representative delivered his speech during this auspicious ceremony. He was just steady yet there is still room for improvement. I always believe my siblings can do better than me and they have proven what I said is correct. I do hope he could excel well in his academic and bring glory back to our home in the future. I am sure he can if he can work harder.

My brother while giving speech. ^^

When all the students went to the stage and present little souvenirs to Mr.Khoo, it was so touching. Some ex-students purposely came back just to attend this retirement. We could see that Mr.Khoo is really a great teacher where everyone respect and remember even after years. It is the truth that I could not find another teacher like him when I further my study in any place. He is really dedicated and he has a great passion in teaching. He is my great role model in my future carrier. I hope I could be like him when I go to teach in school later. Thank sir; I will try my best in my future to become a good teacher. That’s my promise to you and me.

Younger gang of Mr.Khoo's students who attended the ceremony.

Last but not least, I would like to wish him a great retirement and hope that he could have great time after retirement. I wish Mr.Khoo will have a healthy and happy life after retirement with his family, friends and students. HAPPY RETIREMENT, Sir.