Friday, February 24, 2012

This is such a great story which depicted the wedding procedure in a humour yet realistic way. It is well said in the movie that marriage is not only two people's business, but both parties' family. When a relationship is not accepted by either one of the family of the couple, it must be a great obstacle for this couple to be together. No matter how they love each other, no matter how real is their love, things will just not turn out fine in the end. It is either the couple suffer a lot to ensure their family will accept this relationship or they choose to end this relation.

Besides depicting the wedding procedure, this movie also tells the audience that sometimes things that we see might not the the whole thing. Many things hidden behind and if we didn't discover it carefully, we will not see the truth till the end of our life. This might bring towards regret at the end. Thus, do not see things as it is, but do investigate and find out if there is anything hidden. Have no regret in life and appreciate everyone around us.

Wedding, it might be a great and grand thing in life yet it might be another nightmare for someone if it is not handle with care. 

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